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And the band played on

Work is worky. More stuff to do. Damn.

That nasty writing thing continues. Still have to take that brave step of no return into the magical land of erotica, where bodices are ripped assunder at an alarming rate. 15273 for those who are interested.

And in other news;

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)


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Nov. 4th, 2003 11:21 pm (UTC)
Good luck, by the way. Its a great way for people to stop talkin' and start walkin'.
Nov. 5th, 2003 04:33 am (UTC)
Are you *really* going to write erotica this time? Because you keep promising you will, but I've yet to see....
And I wanna. So if you're writing erotica, please be so kind as to direct me to where the action is, fair lady.:)
Nov. 5th, 2003 01:35 pm (UTC)
It is my *plan* for the erotica, but A) I'm about a third in and no one has boiked yet and B) the idea of people reading it has made me a little bashful... But I get the feeling that there will be some action in about two or three chapters time, and if I cope with that there will be a lot more.


is the link. Remember, though, that I'm not pausing to edit, I'm just bashing at keys and posting it up, so it's all pretty raw.
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