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Getting a bit sick of all the work people are expecting of me.

I mean, really, I should be given a break at some point of time. You'd think. This isn't supposed to be an academic sweat shop. I was kind of hoping to get some kind of repose after my presentation last week (which went swimmingly, despite the lack of one supervisor). Where I got this idea I may never know, but I find myself a little disappointed somehow that I have to do more work.

I want to go out tomorrow night, but I somehow don't feel up for it. Even witnessing goth politics is tiresome and inexorably petty. And there *will* be politics, there always is. I have enough politics at work - I shouldn't have to deal with it in play.

What politics, I hear you cry? Even if it's nothing specific, it's always there. It's selfish of me, I know, but sometimes I just want to go out and not worry about who is stepping on who else's toes (metaphorically) or watching what I say to people lest I bring up some sleeping giant of a political faux pas.

It is remarkably tedious to remain mild mannered, especially when you want to scream.
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