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I was abducted yesterday from the city and forced against my will to go on a road trip to Ballarat. I'm not sure why, but I have the strange and unrelenting hatered of Ballarat. And yes, I was lured into the car in question with candy. By none other than CAMERON (refer to cameronisbest for more info), matcha_pocky, sleazemonkey and Alex W.

But there was a good reason for it, as it turned out, which was seeing the lovely Polly in his play! We sat in the front row and put him off his lines. Yay us. Apparently he ran out after his first scene into the back stage part hissing at people that "The only girl I've ever gone out with is sitting in the front row!". Heh. I'm wicked.

The play was quite good for a first year production, and we were so excited by Polly's performance that I had him autograph my boobs. As it turns out, his mother was standing right behind him at the time, who I was promptly introduced to, and responded "Oh, so you're that Rebecca".

I am, apparently, the last glimmer of hope in her life that he might actually like girls (supported by the fact that the first time I met her his son had his hands on my bazoongas, you can hardly blame her).

I was going to put Polly off by whispering a dirty little word at him on stage, but thought that would be cruel.

Anyway, the roadtrip was less unpleasant than I imagined it would be.

Today there is a meeting thingie for Melbourne NaNo people, where I expect that I will come face-to-face with my word count nemesis unsworn_nomore. True, I hadn't written for two days until today, but little does he know I have gotten up to the part where elves are going to start boiking, so I suspect I will have little trouble keeping up (and excelling) his number of words. 24,057 words for those who are interested. Go me.
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