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What a rather busy weekend. Friday I had to work late in the lab (again!) only to find that my results were completely screwed anyway. For anyone who is interested, the ELISA plates I was using have absorbance at 415 nm of light, the wavelength that I was using, so my results are filled with false positive. That and the total IgG count was screwy. Oi...

Friday night was rather grand, though a little bitter-sweet. I got to see people again (I seem to be making a habbit of this these days), have a few drinks with friends (why I am attracted to purple-coloured alcohol I may never understand), and see niki-chan for the last time in several months. She's a sweetie and I miss her already.

Saturday, while slightly hung over, was a my first martial arts tournament. While I did pretty awfully, I was the only one to score points against and beat the guy who one the sparring competition. Heh. Unfortunately, though, I was sparring against a few people who have not sparred before. Thus their aim is shocking. I should point out that getting hit by high velocity bamboo - while painful and strong enough to leave fairly impressive bruises - is nothing compared to being struck across both unarmoured KNEES by Japanese WHITE OAK. Ouch ouch ouch, pain pain pain.

I was actually pretty annoyed with myself afterwards because for the first time ever I actually got angry while I was sparring. I don't take getting smacked across my unarmoured theighs repetitively very well. It is odd, but I feel that anger and martial arts should have nothing to do with eachother. If you give into the anger (as I did), you have already lost (which I did). So, it was a bit of a downer, but hopefully I will learn from my pain.

Sunday was a budokai committee meeting in the morning, and I think I put my foot in my mouth and will get chewed out by my sensei on saturday. Nothing I can do about that now, but it still plays on my mind. Spent the rest of sunday working on my lit review draft, which I handed in before 9am today. Gosh, I'm a good student sometimes. ;)

Of course, I had nothing to do today which - as I've spent the past few days flat out - has driven me up the wall. I would have gone home to play some more FFIX (started replaying it on sat), but I have to stay and help a friend with some work this afternoon.

I hate not being able to cross my legs because of the bruises. And I can't lie on my side because of a bruised shoulder. Sigh. The price I pay for my art.

I'm also thinking about getting a psuedo-boyfriend in addition to Jye, one who likes going out, doing romantic things, appreciates me, makes me feel special, and is preferably gay. That way Jye won't feel threatened.

Silly boy. ;)
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