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If people are going to try to scam me, all I ask is that they use correct spelling and sentence structure.

>From: "Greg Jacobson" []
>To: [my email adress]
>Subject: Your Live Journal Acount
>Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 15:15:11 -0500
>Live Journal is updating it's servers and due to this we need to
>varify your acount information. Please reply to this email with your
>username and password. If you are not miss_rynn please ignore this
>Live Journal tech support

Here's a hint for you, assholes: account has 2 "c"s. Verify is spelt with an 'e'. "It's" is the conjugation of "it is"; "its" is possesive. And, for future reference, emails from the livejournal tech support people do not come from "" accounts, but from "" accounts.
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