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Mooch meister

Something I only realised today is that if you are a student and you vote in the student elections at melbourne uni this year, they give you an $8 food voucher to be used in most places in union house. True, they are bribing votes out of the students, but you know what? My belly is now full on that bribe.

Are the students merely selling their names for the sake of some freebies? Is this taking advantage of the basic needs of the people (food) through the lowest common denominator (most students are poor as dirt, so anything free is appealing)? Sure, more students are going to vote because of this, but will the number of votes by people who really care about the issues at hand really change? It is indeed an interesting tactic. Maybe not a politically sound one, but hey - I am a poor student, I voted, and I got my (almost) free lunch. Which is maybe what they wanted all along.

Shattered two glass vials filled with freeze dried bacteria in my hands today (nay, hands of STEEL), which was a bit scary as I had three people watching me at the time. Didn't cut myself, though, which was nice.

The gods of microbiology willing, I will soon have some shiny Treponema denticola cultures growing. Which means that I will soon be progressing with my project some more. And it's about a month before I find out if I get a scholarship...

Such a lovely day, so little to do this afternoon, I mught just go home and hug my cat. ^_^
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