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Columbia (Laura 'Little Nell' Campbell): As Frank's
in-house female ex-lover, Columbia is permitted
a certain latitude in her actions appropriate
to her identity as "a groupie." She
appears to have had time for a fling with the
former delivery boy, Eddie, and she is the
first member of the household to call Frank
down for his selfishness. She is also the first
person killed when Riff Raff seizes power in
the castle, and it is her death that makes
Frank understand that his danger is real. But
what Columbia will best be remembered for is
her glittering Ann Miller-like tap dance across
the ballroom floor during the "Time
Warp," and her impossibly Betty Boopish

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Dec. 5th, 2003 02:47 pm (UTC)
Eddie (Michael Lee 'Meatloaf' Aday): Eddie is the
former delivery boy greaser for whom Frank
jilted Columbia. While Eddie and his motorcycle
repose in a cryogenic nightmare, Frank has
taken half of his brain to animate Rocky
Horror. But for some unexplained reason, the
freezer door fails to contain Eddie, and
revving his cycle, he rips through the wall of
ice like a bat out hell, sax slung back and
boots kicking, just as Frank and Rocky Horror
are beginning to get to know each other. In his
very few minutes on camera, Eddie casts his
lust-filled eyes on both Columbia, his former
flame, Rocky Horror, and Janet; sings a single
song, the fifties-style hot teen anthem and
gets the whole set rocking; then finally is
silenced by an ice pick wielding Frank, enraged
at being upstaged. Nevertheless, Eddie's nearly
irrelevant and all too brief appearance is one
of the high points in the movie.

Which Rocky Horror Picture Show Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

DAMN!! He's got more hair than i do.