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Xmas Birthdays

Today is my mother's birthday. By a strange twist of fate, we actually caught up today. We had lunch and went christmas shopping and almost died from the heat. Yay.

I had a pain-in-the-ass assay today, but I didn't end up having to work late, so I'm pretty happy about that. Not that it will do me much good, since there is little for me to go home to other than a cat who wants to play in the heat (gah!) a really hot house (GAH!!) and a Jye who isn't going to be there (wah).

Decided to cut back on my meat intake, just to see what happens. Probably anaemia, but we shall see.

I've decided that Summer shouldn't happen next year. It's all a bit inconsiderate. Too hot and all that. Drinking liots of water, though, which is good for my kidneys if nothing else.

Head still all swimmy with questions. Will see how that progresses.

Oh, yes; dreams still being oddly prophetic. Now that I have the mundane premotitions ("You will walk down the corridor, wearing a pair of white sandals, then someone will call you inexplicably a mongoose and you will twirl to enter the third doorway on the left" kind of premonitions. Nothing exciting), I wonder how long it'll be until I start sensing interesting things before they happen.
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