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Hellish work, heavenly holidays

Well. Work sucked soo much ass this week. I got remarkably shitty at the second work xmas party (because someone was being rude, inconsiderate and unpleasant and I got into an argument with them), left early, and was shitty all day friday because people were being aggresively selfish and stupid. The thing about me is that when I get pissed off enough, I just want to be left the hell alone. Unfortunately, this was not possible.

And you know what? I'm supposed to have a half week next week, but as far as I am concerned they can all bite my shiney metal ass. That's right, I'm officially holidayed up. AND in an act of sheer defiant rebellion, I'm going to take an extra week off as well. So fukem, fukem all.

End of year break up at training today. Hard but enjoyable training session (lots of armour work, and me with a bout of irregular heart, but I didn't pike at all!) followed by lots of food in the dojo (including some brought by Clair who visited!). Mrs Nagae always introduces a new party game for us to play each year, and this year we took turns fighting eachother with rolled up newspaper. It was ace; Diane's kids show real violent promise!

I had a nice warm, family fuzzy feeling. It was grand. The newest student, a large man named Tony who comes from a background of kendo, fencing and SCA, drew me aside to personally and sincerely thank me for making him feel very welcome and comfortable with the new weapon. That really meant a lot to me, because he is such an honestly nice guy.

As a xmas present, Airlie also asked Mrs Nagae quietly if she thought it was a good idea for me to learn zenichi. And she said yes! It's wonderful, because zenichi was what I originally wanted to do naginata for. Zenichi, you see, is the very classical form of naginata (not quite koryu) which uses a fully wooden weapon (similar to a bokken). I must say that I am stoaked.

Came home (with 3/4 of a baked cheesecake to devour in the crotch of a tree at my lesiure), Jye went out, and I spent the day crashed out on the couch, snoozing with Bunyip. I woke up bat one stage from a nap feeling suddenly all very guilty, feeling as though I had wasted most of my precious weekend already... but then I remembered that I'm on holidays. Bwahahahahaha!!!!

So when Jye came home we watched Iron Chef. It was only fitting. :)


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Dec. 20th, 2003 03:16 am (UTC)
Enjoy your break - you've certainly earned one.

I think I'm glad that martial arts training lends itself to building control... other people might have joined a different set of dots between "crap week of work" and "training with large bladed stick"...

I've somehow managed to *not* bump into you about three times recently, despite trying to, so I think I should give up for a while. Maybe random chance will serve me better after Christmas... Have a good time relaxing in the knowledge that right now, work can't impose on your time. If it does, I'll kick it for you ;)

I still can't get that image out of my head - of you climbing a tree, dragging a cheesecake in your jaws after running it down on the veldt...
Dec. 20th, 2003 05:27 am (UTC)
Sounds like you had a grand time.
And zenichi will be wicked. Can't wait to see you practicing kata.

We had our break up here, last night.
Twelve students, one sempai, half the students being unfamiliar with Japanese food. It was great.
And then the old-hacks went to a Spanish bar to drink until 3am. *grin*

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