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Happy New Year!

A grand time was had last night at my parents' swanky apartment followed by a party hop to morgan303 and reinzero 's house.

Report and pics to follow - going to see a romantic comedy with darling Liz.

Love to you all.


Resolutions for 2004:

* get back to 67 kg

* find some self-esteem (I seem to have lost virtually all of it at some stage)

* see more of the people I love

* cry less

* get my tattoo


Jan. 1st, 2004 03:27 am (UTC)
Re: tattoos
The tattoo in question is one that, as soon as I conceived of it, I knew I wanted. I really do want it, from both an asthetic and a spiritual perspecive. And it's not in a spot which I'll need to worry about as a wrinkly old lady (and before you comment, I mean about 60 or so). But I know that I want it. A whole lot.

And "Love Actually" is a tanfastic film. Yay.