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Geekiness continues...

First off, I'd just like to say:

Take the Anime Sountrack Quiz

mmmmmmmmm..... Kenshin..... (now, there's a man who can call me Becka-dono any day of the week. Yum.)

Weekend was pretty laid back, which was nice since last weekend was a little frazzling. On Sat I found out from my sensei (who has taken to calling me Rebecca-san, which is most heart-warming) that during the competition last week I behaved well off the fighting floor (helping other out, getting people ready to fight, getting a spare weapong without prompting when one was broken etc.), which was appreciated. Also, I found out that I didn't suck as badly as I thought I did, as the only reason I wasn't scoring points against other people was because I tend to crouch over when I fight. I should stand up straight. Which, in an odd way, made me feel much better about the whole affair.

Sat afternoon, as Jye was playing FFX and has been for months now, I decided that I would move my 'puter into the TV room, hook up the PSOne to it, re-tune the television funtion on my 'puter, and give FFIV another crack. Apart from the shame of being to incredibly geeky, and that the re-released US version of FFIV for the PSX is really REALLY hard, it was all pretty fun.

Got stuck on it yesterday, though, and I may have to resort to a FAQ. Sigh.

Slow lab day today, as most of the stuff I need isn't in yet. My T. denticola cultures seem to be growing quite happily, though, which makes me very pleased. :) Neither supervisor has gotten back to me yet about the draft I handed in, but hey - I've got three years. I've also been spending most of my day thinking about what I'm gonna do with my Harry Potter game. Sigh - such a geek.

My house didn't blow down last night, which was nice. Good old Victorian houses - icy cold in winter, but nice and cool during summer and solidly built.

And (joy of joys) I found out the best thing EVER last night! I thought that Cadbury had stopped macking Black Forest Chocolate, and I hadn't seen any on the shelves for weeks... Until last night! Yay! Scarfscarfscarf....
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