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death warmed up

All hopes of being better today were dashed by a remarkably broken sleep. This was due to having to wake up every half hour or so to adjust my position so that I didn't choke to death or suffocate. Consequently I am feeling weaker and more pathetic (which is saying something, I can assure you).

Bunyip has also taken control of the snuggley, fuzzy, warm blanket, so I have to make do with the barest corner she has alloted me. Curse her and her feline powers of mind control.

Jye is at work after his holidays. I think I'd much prefer to be healthy and at work than sick and at home right now. I don't want to go to the doctor.

Plans for today; convalesce (more so), play some console games, watch some DVDs and scetch out ideas for Arcon. That last one is mostly done, but I want to get a firmer picture in my mind of what god-awful things I have planned.

And you know what? Arcon 2004 is going to be my last con of writing/running games for at least a few years. Because a PhD is about giving up all of the extranious things in your life.

God, I hate my PhD.