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Cool kids' night

Occasionally, to counter all the geekiness in the world, a few of us get together to have a "cool kids' night". This usually consists of movies (tending towards arthouse) and gossip, very often with popcorn or other such snacks.

Last night, matcha_pocky, astro_dust (have you added him yet?!), Alex W and I had what was officially termed a "cool kids' night". We went and saw Peter Pan to begin with. Now, I can't seem to stop saying how good this film was. The only bad thing I can come up with is there was one scene where Peter's laughter seemed forced, but that was it. The kid who played Peter was fantastic, and I forsee him becoming a (hopefully) very sexy, very sucessful actor in about five years.

After the movie we jaunted off to a supermarket for dinner food, pausing only breifly to buy matcha_pocky a scarlet bra. I wasn't going to, but once an aticle of underwear has been mashed to someone's boosmah, I feel obliged.

In any case, food was bought and food was prepared by all, resulting in very, very tasty risotto with chicken, rounded off by chocolate cake (with the finger-scoop marks removed, not looking at ANYONE in particular for that one) and fresh lychees. Yum yum yum.

The night was rather good indeed.

Today my plans are to buy my Bunyip some more Bunyip food, to write some of my accursed game, and to pick up a copy of the book of Peter Pan, because I have never read it.

Love to you all.
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