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Small Triumphs

I bought a turkey yesterday. This means there will be the roasting of the turkey, followed by the long consumption of the turkey. I love turkey.

I now have two characers written, the other three planned. Thanks to morsla and Jye for their advice and assistance and verification. I will be able to get the rest done by this afternoon I'm sure, at which stange I'll begin tackling the game again (about 3/4 done, probably a bit over). If need be, I can always simply dot-point the ending. Cheeky, I know, but I've done worse before.

I have five play-testers for Sunday evening, and I am pretty confident that it'll all go okay at this stage - there is a small possibility that a party can finish the game in under an hour, but I should be able to avoid that with sneaky GM tactics. And to all you playtesters out there, it looks like I indeed *will* very much need your help running. If you can squeeze me in, of course. :)

The impression I'm getting is that while it may not be the very best game I've run, it won't be the worst by a long-shot. True, it's probably a little more arthouse that I was planning, but what can you do.

I'm happy that it is not going to be shit-tastic. If I were a player, I think that I would enjoy it. I don't know how much more of a shameless plug I can give it, really. ;P

Oh! And before I forget, today is Jye's birthday. In case you were wondering, I was a good girlfriend and I got him a GameBoy SP.
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