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Needful Things

I wrote a long list after the playtest (and during it) filled with suggestions the players made. To be fair, that is what play-testers are for, and my game is without question much better with these suggestions integrated.

That being said, most of the suggested changes have been made (except for the ones I was stringly against - sorry, kids, but such is my wont). Most of the stuff is kind of optional, though, as is most of the module really. I've never really run a game like this before (leastways at a con), and I think the play-test was vital in my case.

If nothing else, for one of my games it is highly inovative.

As for how 'good' the game is, this game - more so than most of the games I've run - relies mostly on how well the players work together, bounce ideas off eachother, and enjoy the setting. For a really atmospheric game, there is almost a necessity to place the running of the game in the hands of the players. This is scary for me, as I usually have a vice-like grip on the control of my games.

I have visions of sitting there, looking at a sea of blank faces, as the players look at eachother and say, "So what? We move on to the next area".

Ah, well - it's beyond my control now. Because I'm done.
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