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Here I go again...

I stopped liking cons about the time I started GMing almost full time. I've written and run between two and three con games a year since at least 1998 (if not 1997), and I basically haven't taken a break from it. The idea that I may have a break enforced on me at the end of this con, for reasons of a PhD, is at once satisfying and disappointing.

As you might expect, I already have ideas for a game I'd like to run next year.

Hated game writing.

Anyway, everything is printed and bound, people have offered to help GM (please do!), supplies have been bought... all that remains now is running the fucker. And that's the problem. I get pre-con jitters something chronic. I'm really not very confident about my game, because it depends on the players - an unusual step for me and my control-freakish ways.

I'm a burnt out GM - can I deliver what has become expected of me? Not only that, but I've heard a few people uttering a three leter anacronym around me - three letters I'm not sure I deserve. You all know the type of person those letters belong to - they have beem GMing longer than I've been born.

Will I live up to these expectations? Will my game flop? Will the players hate me forever for assulting their senses with pathetic, pretentious tripe?

Will I wear low-cut, tight tops to distract them from the faults of my characters and game? This one I can answer - and that answer is YES.

It is my only defense.
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