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Arcan 2004 - the best bits

Endless hugs from mousebane at times of tiredness and stress

People debating whether my "Flirt" shirt was a warning or a command

That time on sunday/monday mornings where stupid things become WAY too funny

Inter-state players who are obviously there to have a good time.

morsla, sleazemonkey, astro_dust and CAMERON taking over GMing for me at various times and doing all manner of hideous things to the characters.

CAMERON declaring someone (you all know who) to be "That fool of a Took".

Johnothan O'Donnell thanking me for all of the games I've ever written.

Simon Boot being really enthusiastic about the game, to the point of tracking me down to chat with me about it afterwards, but never ONCE staring at my boobs. He's a good kid.

The dumbfounded silence I fell into after calculating how many players I had run.

Setting the bar higher. I cannot stress enough how important this one is to me - I cannot, must not stagnate. It has always been my fond hope of improving with each game I write for cons, and I think that I may have finally got the "Sixth Child" monkey off of my back. In retrospect I can now see that "Evolution" may not have been a better game in concept as some of my others, but when it was placed in the hands and minds of the players it became something... well, something horrrible, but that was the point.
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