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I was discussing this with the lovely mousebase and the stylish Lon T. last night. You should all get your wacking sticks ready. I'd also like to point out that I lasted a whole three days.

If, and that is a very big if, I can get most of the writing done throughout the next year (during those lulls where my bugs grow, for example), and if by the time blurb submission comes around I have about 80% completed, I may in fact run a game.

A free-form, to be precise, so that I don't suffer the full-con drain that comes from a huge amount of GMing. A game filled with tall, dashing gentlemen and women with heaving bossoms. Something akin to Caitlin's Jane Austen game from a long while back. It will be mostly a game of romance, because it is a difficult genre, and it will really be two games in one - the nobles and the servants.

Historical romance - is there nothing finer? Lovespell books say 'no'. My idea is that I will beg and plead for sponsorship from "Rendevouz" bookstore and give trashy romance novels as prizes. And I want costumes. Lots of people in costumes. And there will be cucumber sandwiches.

I am rather disappointed with myself that house_fiona has fallen a little by the wayside, so my plan was to merge the ideas of both freefroms to make a game which would be more accessible to the average player. And to salvage some of my plans for house_fiona.

Romance is a hard genre for a con game, though... I'd like to pull it off, but I know it won't have as warm a reception as say, mecha. Sigh.

As I say, however, the only way this game will run is if I have done most of the writing throughout the year (ie, before blurb submission), not in a mad rush just before the con. Which means that the game probably won't happen - but it's nice to dream of such things...
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