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Weekend of geekery

Okay, first up let me explain that without my knowledge I became at some point of my life something of a hard-core Dungeons and Dragons fancier. More accurately, Planescape. "Everything but the dice" seems to be my catch-phrase of the moment.

I am adoring Hordes of the Underdark for a variety of reasons at the moment. Drow, a cute teifling henchman (romance plot for female characters - CHECK! Thankyou Bioware for finally getting it right), mentions of Sigil, and voyages into the outer planes. What more could you want? Well for me, that would be the gelatinous cubes, but I haven't finished the expansion yet, so we will see.

Defining moment: On Saturday morning I was playing (instead of watching cartoons) when Jye came in to ask me how I was doing. I answered in all honesty, "Well, it *was* really good, but now they are getting me to do some real time strategy shit. I mean, it's DnD - I want to go back to the dungeons and bash monsters." Jye promptly burst out laughing, for a long time. Aparently I am a hardcore, Old School DnDer.

Sunday was more hot teifling action (woo! Racey Bioware lets the love-interest kiss your character!) followed by some hardcore Exalted. Now, we all know I don't like dice at all. That being said, I was involved in a six-hour long dice-fest - which is a first to me. Of course, I had to counteract the geeky ramblings of the boys about Exalted with well-planned discourses on why, if you have a henchman in your party (particularly a teifling... :) it is far better to have a Ranger as a character rather than a straight-out Fighter or Barbarian.

So, yeah, it was a geeky weekend, but one solely devoted to the playing of geekish games, not running the fuckers. Note to self - play more games, run less.
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