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I'd just like to say that the boys at are very funny, and that anything related to Konoko is going to make me a slavering fan girl. I think I'll have to play the new starcraft game, just for that one-panel joke.

This weekend was actually pretty damn good, in that nice and quiet sort of way. Friday night the game was called off for various reasons, mostly because I kept passing out in the hall way due to lack of sleep and food. Jye bought me sustigen, which was very nice of him.

Slept in on saturday (to all of about 9am) and basically did not very much. Played the Sims, went to Lincraft, went into work to find that the assay that took me three days to do was once again well and truly fucked, did some sewing, playing with my sewing machine for the first time in about a year, finished a top which I've been working on for a while, saw some people. Tom came over to play Vampire Nights and the Buffy game with Jye on the consoles, and I crashed at about 9:30 or 10, still pretty wasted from friday.

Sunday, having slept in again, I found out that Jye and Tom had fully regressed to 17-year-olds; they spent all night eating junk food, playing console games and the like, Tom crashed on the couch, and then they got up, drank coffee, and played console games some more. It was kind of cute. I went into the lab again to do some stuff, but nothing too strenuous.

It was a good weekend because I could relax and rest and sleep. Amazingly, things between Jye and myself were also better than they have been in a long time. Under all the stress and the arguments and the me being a whiney bitch and the him comparing me to computer game characters (he's moved on to Millenia from Grandia II now...), there is a whole lot of tenderness, affection and fondness. Dare I say love. (Well, I suppose that I should, given that it is true.) I guess it is just hard to see when I feel so shitty most of the time, stressed and tired and crap. He's a real trooper to put up with me, sometimes.

I know I'm lucky, it's just that sometimes I get side-tracked.

Anyway, still a bit sleepy today but I'm no longer so very tired if that makes sense. One of my supervisors will be talking to me today about my lit review, and I can only hope for the best. Mind you, given I have three years to brush it up I should expect lots of changes to me made...
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