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Give in to the Inner Geek

Okay. The time has come - I can fight the dark powers no longer.

Today I go to Mind Games. Today I buy the third of the Core Book series for DnD 3rd Ed - the Monster Manual. Today I gaze longingly at the Planescape suppliments, and may even be lured into purchasing them by their siren songs.

Today I buy dice.

I have hidden my shame long enough. For too long the Players Guide and Dungeon Masters Guide have sat idle on my bookshelf gathering dust, used only to check up the movement rate of horses and carts travelling down a road.

From Dungeons and Dragons (1st Ed.) I came, to Dungeons and Dragons (3rd Ed.) I shall return.

My plan - to learn the rules, at least in a simplified form, and write a campaign arc. My tools - The main rule books and the Neverwinter Nights Toolset Editor (for maps and such). My methods - who knows? My players - as yet undecided.

For once and for all, I shall run a DnD campaign, and I will not allow it to be shit.
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