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Square One

So, I'm back to being tired, bored and 'over' work in general. Hey, at least some things never change.

I'm into heavy Pooh-Bear thinking mode over the whole DnD campaign thang. The one thing I'm finding frustrating thus far is that all of the information I seek is dispersed throughout the four books I have in a fairly even but random pattern - I can remember seeing any given table that I'm looking for, but I can't remember where. Hopefully this will be made a little easier by Jye buying a present for me on the way home... dare I say it... a DM's Screen.

I'm such a colossal nerd.

But I've heard three character concepts so far from people I want to play, and they all seem okay. Well, except for the one that may have me making a new species because the other options are too wonky. Yes, I am looking at you, vorex. ;p

The plans form slowly, however, and I've been quite taken with the back-story for two of my NPCs already. A little too taken, considering I have a campaign to plan out rather than play with their little dramas.

Sigh. Apparently my geekiness knows no bounds.
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