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We interrupt today's broadcast...

Rather than ranting on about D&D again, I thought I'd muse on people and relationships for a little while.

Recently it seems that a huge proportion of my friends and people I know seem to be getting engaged or having kids or both. Not to mention the turbulent relationships out there. It's like I've gotten to that stage of my life where everyone around me has either gotten clucky or lost patience with those around them.

Some of the people getting married seem to tell me about their engagement in that "I hope you're jealous now" kind of way. Which is petulent and pointless, as I feel less inclined to marry than ever at the moment. And the people having issues with other people, well, I'm simply refusing to take sides. Which is good, but in a strange sort of way it is bad as well, as I'm quite left out of the loop.

Sounds stupid, right?

Well, I'm young and have aspirations to be fancy-free. An ex-boyfriend who shall remain nameless once said that I was a "free-spirit" (mind you, in the same breath he proceded to cage me in). I don't really want to get engaged, I certainly don't want kids, and I don't see people enough to really inspire enough passion to have them get annoyed with me.

I guess you could say that all of this makes me feel a bit isolated. Not excluded, just... lacking in common ground.

In other news, you have all heard of six degrees of separation? Well, last night I found out that someone is just a little closer to me in terms of degrees than I am entirely comfortable with. Stupid tenuous links between humanity.


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Feb. 5th, 2004 04:31 pm (UTC)
Totally understand. I have no desire to get married or have kids anytime soon. I think the marriage thing will come later when the kids start getting planned (because it makes sense). Until then, I am very happy just the way I am.

I am DOWN with the non marriage thing.
Feb. 6th, 2004 05:01 am (UTC)
Go you!
Don't let other people and majorities tell you what's right for you!
Let them all get married, and childed, and then quite probably divorced.
They don't live your life, and they probably know precious little about which part of human relationships fulfill you.

So just enjoy the freee cake at their parties, and do your own thing.

But I know exactly how you feel with the being isolated and "different" part.
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