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Gold Class

3 sessions of DDR in 3 days? Colour me an addict.

Went to see "The Last Samurai" Gold Class with Jye (on free tickets and vouchers and such). I was a little apprehensive about it, because I didn't really feel like seeing a character played by Tom Cruise exalted above characters who had been living their lives according to Bushido their entire lives.

Now, the acting wasn't supurb, but it was adequate. The scenery was lovely, the story engaging, and the battle scenes astounding. Trust me, I was watching the martial arts techniques, and most of it seemed fairly sound (except for the guys running around in the background with naginata, but we'll not speak of them).

The film to me was, in a word, beautiful. I cried through most of it, because I get really messed up over story lines like this. Don't misunderstand - it is a flawed film at times, but for the over all vision of it I will forgive these flaws (even compressing a few decades of history into a few months and several failed rebellions into one uprising).

If you ever want to understand why I dislike guns a whole lot, this film demonstrates it pretty much perfectly.

If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you give it a try. Especially if you think of Tom Cruise's character as a minor character, and those characters surrounding him as the true stars.
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