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slooooooooooow lab day

Why I hate being a scientist, #00137

Long waiting periods which meld into working after hours.

...wait for autoclave to be free, wait 10 min until pressure rises in autoclave, autoclave for 60 mins, turn off autoclave, wait 15 mins for autoclave pressure to drop, wait 30 mins for agar to cool, mix supplements into agar, pour agar plates, wait 30 mins for agar to set, wrap plates, go home at ~ 6.00 pm...

One of the good things about microbiology is that there is almost no urgency. Anything that you do usually takes at least 24 hrs to have any measurable effect. In the case of anaerobic bacteria, then 48hrs to one week. One of the bad things about microbiology is that there us almost no sense of urgency, any almost everything takes a long, long wait. Sigh.

I hate slow lab days. Who are you, Dr Grenier, and why should I care about the characterization of the trypsin-like activity of Bacteroides forsythus?! Stupid reading of journal articles.
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