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Filler Bunny

I gone to a new stage of sleeplessness - the inexplicable tossing and turning. I'm not uncomfortable, so why do I toss? I'm not hot, so why I'm I perspiring? I'm not excessivly huge, so why must I take up the whole bed on pain of knees and elbows?

I'm going to drag out my copy of Dancing Stage tonight and keep in DDR practice. Because I don't do geekiness by halves, aparently.

I have a big, nasty bruise on my elbow from training. It was nasty enough to make me actually stop training to get ice it down. Which is unusual for me, as I'm one of those "through the pain barrier" sort of people, which exlains my awful, awful knees. Anyway, it's now fairly impressive looking, but it hurts a whole lot less.

I'm being plagued by vivid dreams again. Not vivid scarey or disturbing, but just plain REAL. Scarlet never looked so red before. As for why I was going to a huge french provincial mannor with the cast of "Friends" (which I never watch, by the way) and a few extras along the way, (Jye was supposed to be there, but I'm not sure if he ever arrived, and there was at least one woman from work hanging around as well), I have no idea. The night before was also about going to a holiday house, some grand yet vaguely retro house in the desert, but cool and dark on the inside. It's all a bit odd.

This has been a filler bunny anouncement. Thanks for your time.
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