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More enthusiasm

Just in case you thought I'd given up on the idea (after sinking a good few hundred dollars into the books, you'd hope not), I'm still pretty keen on a DnD campaign. In fact, I've been so excited that I've already got myself five players! Thusly, mousebane, vorex, tarleon, Jye and the ever-in demand Lon T. are all keen for a game to run.

All that and I haven't got much of a plot yet. Eeek!

Body seems to be dealing with the minor illness fairly well, so no doctor for me. Yay!

And it's raining. It's pouring in summer. How ace is that? Gotta love my scandinavian blood that despises heat and adores cold, wet weather.

I've been told about a d20 suppliment by mousebane which I'm pretty keen on getting, but pretty ashamed that I'm keen on getting it. But my love for dice and... other things... may yet draw me into the city to fetch said suppliment.

I'm a geek. :)
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