Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Witch Hunter Robin

We (being our lovely hosts reinzero and morgan303 as well as paracelus (sp?), CAMERON!!!, Jye and myself) did the anime thing last night and finally got through just over half of the way through 'Witch Hunter Robin'. Now, some of you may have heard that I'm awfully fond of this series (though I haven't finished watching it yet), especially the opening credits.

So you have to understand that one of the episodes last night (14/15 or so), the one where everything changes, pushed ALL of my anime fan-girl buttons. Not in that kinky way, but in that this is what story-telling should be about kind of way.

I may watch that episode a second time tonight - not that it is necessary, for the scenes which moved me so deeply are all but burnt into my memory.

Witch Hunter Robin is good.
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