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Hello tiredness, my old friend...

So, the fatigue begins again.

It seems a little unfair to be that my life is to be controlled by my inability to sleep normally, but what can you do. Cry in frustration? I'm not quite at that stage yet. Maybe soon, but not yet.

I'm going to have to cancel an appointment I am supposed to be at this afternoon, as it will be too hot. This frustrates me, as it was a chance to help in the lack of sleep. Recently, though, I seem to be worse at coping with heat than normal, and I'm not really in the mood to pass out while on the way to an appointment.

I woke up this morning with a severe case of the "I'm so gargantiously fat"s. So I have devised my new 'Breakfast of Champions', which I'm hoping may turn into a 'Snack-time of Champions' rather than chocolate or chips or something equally bloatful.

Basically it's japanese green tea (matcha) made normally, except with milk and a little sugar. It tastes like a (hot and not quite as thick) green tea smoothie, or so I tell myself. It's filling (so I tell myself) and crammed full of antioxidants and other good things. Eventually I might even cut out the sugar entirely.

I've revised my ideal weight - now I only need to lose between 5 and 7 kilograms. Still, that's 5-7 kg of pure lard, fit for nothing but roasting potatos. Crap... now I crave...

I am still plotting my meal of salmon roe. It keeps me going through the dark times. Isn't it strange that someone as fussy as me about food can be so obsessed with fish ova?

The DnD game seems to be going ahead with momentum that is now beyond my control. I've got the firs session planned out, I'm already getting the first session jitters, and I am slowly learning to rules. I'm such a nerd.
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