Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Strange Parallels

Have you all been reading Because you should. Anyway, Wil's been preparing to run a DnD game for his step-kids, the first game he's run in years. I'm finding odd similarities between what he's going through and what I'm going through - being nervous about getting things like rueles down, and putting on a good game for the players, but at the same time being giddily, geekily excited.

Jye and I were walking home from the city on the weekend, and he got a far away look in his eye for a moment. "All this preparation for your DnD game," he told me, "has reminded me of your Harry Potter game. I guess I'm a bit nostalgic." That was kind of nice to hear.

I was going to be ordering my zenichi with the rest of the orders to Yamashibu, but Mrs Nagae has been a little concerned that it would be too expensive. Having looked up the prices, she had discovered that the shipping price for a zenichi was one-and-a-half to two times the price of the weapon alone. Thinking that this was a bit to much, she offered to sell me one of her old zenichi, in need of only minor repairs, and to put the money into the VNR account.

The end of my story? I now own a repaired zenichi that used to belong to my sensei. Colour me a happy Becka.

Went out with folk for yum cha yesterday lunch-time, and we got the worst service in the world. Avoid going to King Bo's, or at least the upstairs part, if you can. It was only through my clever sculpture of left-over food tidbits that we got any attention at all. Sigh.
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