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uugh... rum...

So we had mousebane's 7th Sea game last night. It was fun, as it always is, but mousebane brought rum this time around. I drank a lot (not just of the rum) for me, especially for a weeknight.

I've not had rum before, but drinking rum-and-coake reminded me of my first real drinking session. It was a night spent on someone's front porch, kicking back with some guys, drinking sambuca-and-coke. I wasn't sure if I liked the taste or not, so I kept having more drinks to find out. Much the same could be said of last night and the rum.

And then the coke (with its damned caffine) kept me up all night.

Not surprisingly, I am mildly hung-over at the moment. I am hoping it doesn't get too bad (and I don't think it will), because queasy in the lab is not such a good thing.

Hugs to mousebane, though, both for the game and introducing me to rum.
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