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Fuck you, Murphy!

I was going to tell you all about how I can't feel so bad about my PhD because there is now someone in my department in a far worse position than me (when other people's misery is greater than yours, you tend to feel better, after all). I was going to go on about how things are okay, not too stressful, just boring.

And then FUCKING Tuesday happened, and FUCKING Murphy with his FUCKING laws had to leap up and spoil everything. Sure, a lot of what has happened today is my fault, but it wouldn't kill the universe to not have everything hit the fan on the same day, would it?

I'm in trouble at work, I have sooooo much work left to do, and I have not enough time to do it in. I was on top of everything, relatively speaking, and then today hits and suddenly I'm way behind and haven't done enough work and have pissed everybody off and everyone is chasing me up for STUPID things.

I just want to ignore it all. But I know I can't.

Fuck it. Fuck it all.

The worst part is, I know what would cheer me up, but that would be irresponcible and selfish of me.

Serves me right for dancing with the devil.
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