Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Belly better

Thanks to everyone offering me belly support!

Ahhh, the wonders of eating regular meals. I've had something up with my digestive tract for about a week now (and was getting a little worried that I had finally broken it), but it finally seems to have settled down. Regular meals seem to have helped (4 meals in a row now, not even one skipped!), although I'm still only able to face relatively light, bland food.

I've been skipping at least one meal a day (either breakfast or lunch) for the passed nine months or so, not out of desire but out of lack of hunger. I think that my belly has finally decided that enough is enough, and that I really need to feed it at three refular intervals a day. Again, not out of hunger, but because if I don't it will try to kill me. I have an odd relationship with my body.

Jye and Ben L are both cool to run and Exalted freeform for Conquest next year; now I just need to write the blurb. Sigh... Also, my Sims addiction seems to be getting worse, as Scott leant me his copies of the 'House Party' and 'Hot Date' expansions (I'm trying to make a dance club/brothel, but it's going to be hard because there are no models for beds in the commercial district...). It's amazing I come up for air at all, really. Don't really feel like seeing my mother tonight (still need light, bland food) so I'll try to brush her off. Politely, of course.

Hoping that my assay (third time lucky) will work, but I don't find out unil tomorrow. I'm also gonna try to inoculate some 200mL flasks of T. denticola for freeze-drying next week. Should be okay, the bug is fairly robust.

Lazy day, probably going home soon.... Maybe I'll eat some toast tonight to celebrate...
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