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DnD Debrief

Well, the session went fairly well last night. I didn't gag and die when rolling dice, as I thought I might. I managed to keep the dice rolling fairly light and fluid. I'm going to start suggesting the boys use a slightly different technique to speed up combat, and I think that should go down well.

Plot- and game-wise (rules aside), I think things are coming along pretty well for a first session. Sure, one of my favourite NPCs was victemised horribly, but it all seemed to go together fairly smoothly. As Jye put it, it's like playing a Neverwinter Nights RPG - very DnD feel, very light on the DnD suckiness.

Next session I'm thinking about having them crawl a small dungeon, or at least a crypt. :)

Not as scarey as I thought it would be, which is really nice. Thanks to Jye, mousebane, vorex, and Lon for being nice to me on my first time.

Note to self, however - enforce the no-looking-behind-the-DM-screen a bit more viciously. Will prove vital when refering to maps so the players don't see where the traps and secret doors are.

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