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Weekend wackiness

Three and a half day weekends. What can I say?


Jye took a half day, so I skived on work early to spend some time with him. Picked up a DnD book (because I am a nerd), while he picked up a copy of Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2 (because he knew that I wanted to play it, because I am a nerd). Most of friday night was spent playing it, except for the parts where morsla arrived, at which point to boys started talking Exalted and I tuned out.

Desperately wanted to go out clubbing, but alas I had to get up way too early on Saturday...


A whilwind tour of Sydney for my grandfather's 80th birthday. Got stuffed into a car by my parents, found myself in an airport, followed swiftly by being on a 737 plane. Remembered, a little belatedly, that I *HATE* small aircraft, and I am a nervous passenger (fortunately only during take-offs and landings).

Touchdown and jumped into a car, on our way to the Turramurra Bowling Club. My mother drove the hire-car - interesting, given she didn't know the way, couldn't find the indicators, and wasn't used to the narrow Sydney roads. Arrived at the bowling club, having aged 10 years, to help set up.

Food was eaten. Toasts were given. Alcohol was drunk. People were loud. Photos were taken (refer to the 'headlights' photo of my previous post for a true understanding of the sleep-deprived silliness which ensued).

The plane-ride back was truely disturbing for me. Virgin Blue pilots are gun-ho, and there is always a whole lot of turbulence when travelling from Sydney to Melbourne for some strange reason. Was not impressed.

Home for role-playing, then to bed, for sunday was another get up early day...


Get up early for committee meeting. Bitch and moan. Go to committee meeting. Find out that someone else was there for me, so I didn't actually have to be there. More to the point, I could go home to bed. Yay!

Went home, played some more BGDA2 co-op with Jye. Fun.

Went to delwyn's house for the first time ever. Very nice, except situated in the middle of a Tim Burton film. Played a whole lot of Mario Party and was very nostalgic.

Went home, met up with vorex, chatted about games, and went to bed.


Went to work briefly (not for nearly long enough, as I discovered this morning...), then went home for some more geekiness. Impromptu dinner with mousebane, followed by the watching of anime at rein_zero and morgan303's house with Jye, parcelsus and the ever lovely CAMERON.

All in all, it was grand. Although I am now quite indeedy tired. And stupid work isn't helping. But, regardless, that's my story.
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