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Passports and J-Rail Passes

As it turns out, the passport people tracked *me* down. Apparently my passport application failed the first round of examination, not because I am a terrorist but because of a name change by reputation which has no official documentation to back it up. It's a long winded story, but basically half of my identification says my name is one thing, the other half says that my name is that one thing plus extra.

So, it was rejected. But on the bright side, I can go with my 'official' name and pick up my passport tomorrow. One day, I'll have to jump through all the hoops to change my name properly - I always mix up which name is on what form/card/certificate or what have you.

As it also turns out, my mother berated the J-Rail people long enough that they just gave up and let her get a pass for me - even without a passport. Yay.

Now, for rum and roleplaying...
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