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... and then life slaps you in the face.

Last night my bag was snatched from inside my house.

Sure, I had left the front door open because it was stuffy, but we were all in the front room of my house and within two meters of the bag in question, as well as within line of sight of it. It's not as if I was being totally stupid - I never leave the front door open unless someone is in the front room.

Unbeknownst to the punk you did it (in full view of about three people within the house, I might add), the bag was basically empty.

His punk firends (who reeked of cheap booze) tried to pick a fight, but we wouldn't jump to the bait. After I saw the bag-snatching kid slink out of an alleyway and dash off (without my bag in hand), I sent one of my knights in shining armor to retrieve the dumped bag.

Lo and behold, all the pockets had been opened and unzipped, but all the sundry stuff was still there (some CDs, some tarot cards - nothing special. In ertrospect I would have felt better had I left some tampons in there, just to revolt him a little).

Coincidentally enough, it turns out that there were some undercover cops just around the corner. While the bad-snatching punk got away, his buddies were stopped and had their details taken.

So I got very little sleep last night, being paranoid and anxious. I know they won't be coming back, but I'm still a little irrationally worried about it. And I'm trying to get in contact with my property manager to inquire about getting a security door installed out front, as well as getting the back fence fixed up (I refer you to the creepy guy in my backyard for that one).

Sure, there was no real harm done, but I'm tired and cranky and too nervous to be in the house by myself.

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