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take THAT stupid work

So I'm probably less sick today than yesterday, but I'm still feeling pretty weak and unwell. Thusly, I'm planning on taking a half day off to convalesce (sp?) and languish. Tasty soup seems to be helping, but the nightly bouts of sickness induced nervous energy are keeping me up, which isn't helping.

Onto less dull things.

DnD game is coming along. Spent last night writing out stats for monsters and NPCs, and will refine plot ideas today. I was planning to stick to a set number of sessions and level advancements per campaign arc, but I am slowly realising that I'm not that sort of GM. But I'll be pushing the characters to their limits this next session, I think - I just hope I don't push them too far...

My main problem will be, I think, too much to do in one session. Meh, we'll see.
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