Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

cabbages and kings

Because I am a sucker for following a trend...
... my PlayStation One bag (the one I'm using for uni) contains at the moment:
- my phone, which - for once - still has some battery life
- my Sean Sheep (Wallace and Grommit) hand bag, which has in it a button from Jye's coat, about $6 in various coins, my house key, my mother's collins st apartment key, and a master key to my dojo.
- my wallet, which contains a note book, a reciet for a new phone battery, a reciet from the Melb Uni pharmacy for my temazepam, more 5 cent pieces than god, my expired concession card, my medicare card, my gold card (parent's account), my access card (ANZ), my expired student card, a lucky cup card with one stamp, mt kinko's copy card, a timezone powercard (reloadable), a business card to Ito Cafe.
- headphones and CDs; techno CD Tom burnt for me, Matrix ST, Lain OST, Placebo - without you I'm nothing, and a CD of shakuhachi and koto music
- 3 disks; roleplaying note, results and PhD writing
- a pen and an eraser
- a red notebook with random notes in it and a whole bunch of haiku on little postit notes
- a virtually empty black notebook I plan to take notes in for my up coming con games
- feminine hygine products in a concealed pocket, because quite frankly, there is nothing more embarassing than to be caught without them when you are a long way from home and without any cash.

Had to play with the UV light box today. I don't like that very much, and I can feel my cells mitasticising as a type...
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