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Because I only exist for life to torture

So I'm still sick and still exhausted.

The sort of sick where you hallucinate. The sort of sick where you wake up with a blood nose. The sort of sick where you are constantly hot and sweating, even at about 22 degrees C.

And you know what? I'm at fucking work. Because due to my idiocy of the passed few days, I need to spend every waking moment playing catch-up and being berated by those in positions of power. I'd prefer them to be irriated with me rather than condescending.


DnD tonight will be interesting, because I'm not sure if I'll have the stamina to do it justice or not. Hope the boys understand if I pass out behind the screen.

Jye bought me Lemsip Cold and Flu MAXX last night. I asked for Lemsip, you see, because it's my firm belief that I need to try awful things to fix sickness because no self-respecting microbe would dare spend its time in a body willing to do god-awful things to itself. Anyway, I was mixing it up and I looked on the back of the packet.

Hmm - paracetamol. 1000 mg. PER SERVE. What the FUCK?! A whole gram of paracetamol per SERVE?! Jeeeeebus. The shit tastes like death, as my body knows better than to choke down that amount of drugs - the stuff is literally hard to swallow, because every instict in my body is screaming that it's poisonous and is going to kill me.

So, needless to say, I brought some into work with me today. And I say again, take THAT stupid work. You may have dragged my disease-ridden body in today, but it'll be YOUR problem when I OD on Lemsip Cold and Flu MAXXX!!

... whimper...
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