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Why do I write what I write in my livejournal? I guess partly it is so that other people can check what is going on in my life, should it strike their fancy, but I think that it is mostly so that one day I can look back on what sort of things I have written and see what sort of things I was feeling. I occasionally keep diaries, you see, and there is little more embarassing or cathartic than re-reading a diary after a few years. I have a time capsule thingie what-not which I started in year 7 (I think about 1991) which I open every 5 or 6 years and re-read what I wrote and put something else new inside. I think I next open it in 2005. Maybe even at my 25th. Who can say?

Obviously lj is quite different, because I write in it fairly regularly, and while I know that I can set some of my entries to private, I still am reluctant to write some of the things that go on in my head down on the screen. Maybe I should start a diary again, just to get some of those things out. I think I need to let some of these thought out; you know, to get them OUT of my head. Where they won't hurt anyone.

Anyway, very quiet weekend. I think the belly problem I had has left me a little drained of nutrients which are normally stored up for a while, things like iron and vitamin A (or is it K?), which has left me rather tired. But I'm always tired, so that should come as no surprise. Jye is getting a bit sick with cold, and I hope he doesn't pass it on to me. We shall see.

On Saturday we had a mini-meeting for naginata to discuss the World Championships in 2007. Basically, we won't be hosting them because we have such a small number of students in Australia at the moment, which is fine. The Kenshikan is, however, going to hold an open day on the 1st of December for the general public to see all the disciplines that are taught at the dojo (kendo, iaido, jodo and naginata), in conjunction with the Australia-Japan Freindship Society (I think). In related news, it looks like I am on the organisation committee for it, as Mrs Nagae doesn't think than anyone else should volunteer for the job. I think I'm being groomed for the future, you know, as a good committee/student type person. I have not decided if this is good or bad.

My fucking ELISA didn't work again on friday, which means that not only have I wasted 9 days in total trying to get the fucker to work, but now I have to spend another three days being baby-sat every step of the way to make sure I am doing it all correctly. Angry Becka. (pouty face)

My father wants me to start on my christmas list asap, and I had something in mind, but now I have forgotten what it was and it is driving me nuts trying to remember.... All in all, I'm a little put out today.
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