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Last night's session, despite my creeping, all encompassing disease, went ahead.

It was really quite fun - Jye had requested a good old-fashioned dungeon bash, and I managed to give him a tomb-looting session instead. Zombies and monstrous centipedes and traps, oh my!

It was all worth it for the looks on the player's faces when I showed them a picture of one of the beasts at the end of the crypt - the cries of "Jebus! A manticore?!" were pure sweetness and light to me. The powah~! Mwahahaha!

I've discovered that while my party is beefy enough to deal with some serious encounters (albeit supported by a hardcore NPC and a healing hireling), it is still really quite hard to give them enough XP to gain a level every session, which was my original plan. I think as I get more confident with the rules, as well as more cognicent of what the limits of the characters are, I may be able to achieve this goal, but it may take a while.

In any case, it was fun. The boys enjoyed themselves, and the elements of the greater plot are beginning to emerge. That, and I got to throw a manticore at them.

Other requests for monsters thus far (including some of my personal favourites):
* gelatinous cubes
* umber hulks (because it's not DnD unless there are unber hulks)
* displacer beasts
* githyanki and githzarai
* a dragon (another MUST as far as I am concerned)
* beholders

Also, I need to include more 'planar' type monsters... which I am simply gleeful to do.

... I am such a nerd...
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