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Japan Trip

So, because inquiring minds have been asking me, these are the movements for my mother and I thus far for our Japan trip...

Depart 14th April Melbourne 0935
Arrive 14th April Tokyo Narita 1900

Shinjuku - for four nights. I belive on the 16th we will be having dinner with a friend of a family friend named Yoshitake, a very nice boy as I recall.

Gion - arrive 18th April for one night

Kyoto - arrive 19th April for 4 nights

Hiroshima - arrive 23rd April for one night

Kochi - arrive 24th April for one night

Matsuyama - arrive 26th April? Unsure at this time.

Depart 28th April Tokyo Narita 2015
Arrive 28th April Melbourne 0730

The only thing not mentioned above is that my mother leaves for Amsterdam at 1245 on the 28th of April. Which means I will probably be at the airport for eight hours by myself with nothing to do but get kidnapped by the yakuza. Eeep.

So yeah, all you folks in Japan who want to catch up, these are my tentative travel times. And all of you who are keen for souvenirs (sp?), let me know. Both my luggage spane and my budget are limited, however, so no mail-order brides please.
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