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Where have all the colours gone?

Life continues. It bothers me, really. No, not living, but life. I don't understand how other people can be so content. But enough of that, I'm probably just angsty because everything broke and now I've lost two months of work.

I'm still sick. While I am diligently taking my antibiotics (much as I despise them) and trying to look after myself, I'm a bit concerned that my cough isn't really shifting. I'm paranoid about chest infections - having doctors concerned in the past that you might have TB will do that to you. I'm hoping my immune system kicks in soon - prolonged sickness is not good.

I realised today just how short a time it is before I go to Japan. Pre-travel jitters. Icky.

mousebane's 7th Sea game last night. It was rather good, full of derring do and bravado. Go us, we rock.

Acquired more DnD books today, because I am a hopeless geek.

Found myself thinking about "Fight Club" today, and trying to look at it in a new and different light. Unfortunately, I am simply not as smart as so many of you out there, so I will not bore you with my simplistic deconstruction of the story.
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