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Just what we need - MORE DRAMA!!

It's all fun and games until someone loses a scholarship.


Aparently due to a clerical error, but regardless, the idea of living for an undisclosed amount of time (at least 2 weeks) on the $138.50 I recieved today strikes me as a bad thing.

I feel sorry for the girl on the phone at the scholarships office who told me that my scholarship was for one year, not three. She was a ral trooper for putting up with me and my rage. Strangely enough, I was thinking about the "hungry student scare" that has been in the news a lot recently, and how I vaguely missed the mistique of "gourmet student cuisine".

I used to be quite good at creating a tasty, healthy tasting meal out of instant ramen, el cheapo vegetables from the market (usually of the 'not quite right' variety) and a few carefully chosen and rationed sauces. It was actually a fine art, to balance the nutritional and taste requirements on as little cash as possible.

My kitchen always smelt vaguely of toast and unidentifiable asian spices. I could cook the cheapest cuts of meat and make them pleasant. I learned how to avoid the green fuzzies on cheese and butter. I could make one jar of jam last for long stretches into eternity. When people can over, I could always offer them *something*, even if it wasn't the best in the world. And my house was always candle-lit, because it was cheaper than electricity.

I miss my parents' little house on Melrose Street. I had some very good memories there.
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