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Unpleased in general.

So, yeah, I've spent the passed few days being inexplicably unhappy. The creeping, all encompassing kind of unhappy. Such is life, I suppose.

I'm trying to get it together to run DnD tonight, but I'm having difficulty coming up with the enthusiasm to draw up stats for the various NPCs the party will be running into. Monsters are easy to do, because their stuff is all predetermined, but actual people prove to be a problem. I mean, even if you just sue the average NPC stats in the DMG, you still need to have an idea about skills and feats and spells, which I don't have. It's all quite sad.

Trying to knock the plot up a notch as well - less deus ex machina, more giving the characters freedom and will. Still a bit concerned that they don't feel a concrete reason for sticking together, being such disperate concepts. I'm concerned I'll have to deus ex machina that, too, which I don't want to do.

Frightened Jye when he saw I had the Monsters Manual open to the page with a Balor on it. But seeing as how this was after he gave me a copy of the Draconomicon, I thought he should have been pleased I decided not to through an Ancient Red Dragon at the level 5 characters. Ah well.

STill no scholarship, but am in the process of convincing the university that I cannot hand in my PhD progress report when I am in another country. Stupid university, filled with lies and pain.
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