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Devils, and Wizards, and Slaads - Oh My!

So my DnD game happened last night. It went okay, I guess; there were various peaks and troughs for all of the players and characters, but it all worked out in the end. Virtually everybody fluffed at least one initiative roll, usually more, and Jye was having an awful night with the dice.

Sent my first character into "-5 hp and dying" mode, but I'd like to point out, in my defence, that this was after I was goaded into making the dire tiger have a full attack round rather than a normal attack. I'm slowly getting my head around the combat system.

But there was much loot in the end, and no permanent damage was done, so everybody was happy (not the least reason of which being that they all levelled up!).

Unfortunately, due to timetables and my trip to Japan (in two weeks!), there won't be another DnD session for a whole month. I'll have to write up some notes for the players as revision, to keep the game and the devious twists and turns of the plot in mind. Well, that and the cast of thousands of NPCs which I always put in my games.

In the mean time I plan to listen to the Kill Bill ST, and plot and scheme. Mwahahaha - I'm so evil. Well, okay, maybe not. I am the diet coke of evil.
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