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When all is said and done, what is there left to say and do?

My weekend was bland, punctuated by irritating moments. For someone who lacks organisational skills and has a tendancy to become overly-stressed out by things, I seem to have become involved in a large number of committee-based organisations and have a whole lot of responcibilities that I do not wish to have.

It's like some wierd racial memory to roll over and bare my soft underbelly to any and all I percieve to be higher up in the pack (and/or food-chain).

Now that my antibiotics are over, I am concerned by a lingering cough. I don't want to be ill when I go to Japan, because if I'm still ill when I come back they may decide to quarantine me (which would be annoying at the best of times, but I suspect that I would be down right uncharitable if I landed at 7.30 am in Melbourne only to be whisked off into isolation for fear of disease).

Speaking of my trip, I'm beginning to get a little anxious. I spent a whole lot of money on friday and sunday for things I will need - new socks (no holes), new underwear (so as not to offend my mother with my old, ratty undergarments), and new shampoo and conditioner (because if I don't, my hair will be ratty and destroyed (much like my old underwear) within days).

Alex Neilson called up out of the blue to agree to try to meet us when we land in Narita Airport, but only in return for some of his DVDs Jye and I have been caring for. So if nothing else, my mother and I (with Alex's help) should be able to make it to the first of our hotels.

It's been a good seven years since I've been on an international trip, and I must say I'm a damn sight more nervous about this one. Maybe it's a sign of the times, or maybe I really have become quite a different, more fragile person in that time. I am unsure.

But really, I am unsure most of the time, so I suppose it's not anything unuaul.
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