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Lonely Winter Nights

Jye is elsewhere tonight. I had house stuff to do.

But that being done, I'm now watching the Dungeons and Dragons movie for the first time. I must admit, I found it objectionably bad to begin with, but as it had progressed, I find myself warming to it. As disappointed with myself as I was, I think I have realised why...

All of the actors look like DnD players. All of the items, effects, spells, archetecture and the like are true to DnD. It's like I'm sitting in on someone else's session - like I'm watching another team of players and a GM run through a module. Right down to the botched rolls, the in jokes, and the cliches.

And there are Beholders. That's just cool. A geeky sort of cool, but cool none-the-less.


A theif with a longsword taking on a blackguard with a greatsword? That's comedy gold for you!
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