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I'll be on a plane on route to Japan in one week from this moment exactly.

I grabbed a copy of "Battle Royale" on DVD yesterday.

I am leaving money with Jye to get me a "Players Guide to Faerun" while I am gone.

My left-over fu is strong, fot I can make okonomiaki or gyoza out of virtually anything.

I have spent way too much money on socks and underwear recently.

I am currently giving work the finger, for I will be gone for close to a month and I no longer care.

I have bought a towel in a tube.

Anyone out there who wants to see me before I go, let me know now so that we can organise something. Remember, I may be kidnapped by yakuza while I'm gone, so this may be your last chance.

And one less savoury, ending note, not for the fain hearted;

Women should never shave their hoo-has, because it will make them look prepubescent (and it is just plain icky to imagine someone wanting to have sex with a woman who looks like she has the hoo-ha of a 10 year old).
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